Romanova reportaža: Benetke s terase

Hey iam Roman a guy from Germany living now for nine months in Ljubljana to help the gay community in the organisation DIH… This is the first thing to know for you about me. Here are some pics from Venice when I visited my boyfriend.

He is studying architecture and made a ersasmus program at the university in Venice. Two days ago he had his final exam and is now back in Germany. It is really hard for a volunteer and a student to have enough money and so happen it that we had not enough money for the weekend. We only brought some food and so we stayed more on the top of his apartment. There you can look to San Marco that was really nice and relaxing.

Actually iam an Actor in Germany, I was in some productions at the Thalia Theater Halle – I have not studied it but when i finished my voluntary service i will study am liebsten (Iztok wants that I sometimes write in German) in Berlin at the University of Art(West) or in the actor school “Ernst Busch” (Ost). Yes right iam parting but that’s why berlin have two state actor schools. Usually there is only one in a bigger city. But I have to make an application with two plays and one song or poem. Iam searching now for the right things. The last things I had for the application was a suicide boy he talked about his life, “Jeppe vom Berge” a strong alcoholism man who is getting suddenly wealthy, from Schiller: Wilhem Tell. I want to make new ones so I have to search now…

Actually I should write from my Venice trip – okay: Wie ich schon sagte, we had no money. Oh you see the gay dogs. It was in the front of a supermarket. The little white dog made some really cute sounds and I said to my bf do you can hear it and he “yes it’s nice but it is the door of the supermarket”J. I think it’s enough for now
Greetings, Roman

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13 odgovorov na “Romanova reportaža: Benetke s terase”

  1. glavca glavca  pravi:

    Which shorts on that rope are yours? ;) Še kratek povzetek v slovenščini: Roman je fant, ki prihaja iz Nemčije. Pri Dihu bo devet mesecev pomagal kot prostovoljec. Tudi pri projektu Pamet v roke, kondom na glavo! V Benetkah je obiskal svojega fanta. Kateri izmed obeh fantov je Roman? ;) Vprašajte ga! :D

    Iztok K

  2. ihim  pravi:

    Welcome in Ljubljana Roman. Very funny article. I enjojed it. You are one on the fourth foto, aren’t you. (Iztok said we should ask.)

  3. Roman  pravi:

    Thank you! Iam the seroius looking guy on the fourth photo:)

  4. planty  pravi:

    Is there any program you participate in by volunteering in Slovenia? I reckon we’ll read you again soon.

  5. B  pravi:

    luštn poba :)

  6. Domen  pravi:

    When I attended your nice presentation at DIH, you reminded me a bit of Dorian Gray. Maybe you should choose him … oh, it’s not play, it’s novel. Scheiße …

  7. Roman  pravi:

    To Platny: Iam a Volunteer for DIH – was that your question?

  8. Roman  pravi:

    To Domen: I found now one thing, about an actor who is going to an probe and starting to play but he is not sure if he is doing the right thing and interrupt very often – it is a funny play because iam also in the situation to go on stage and perform. And when iam good the people thing that is real:)
    Oh i can’t remeber that someone was at the presentation and thought iam Dorian Gray:) Scheiße sagt man nicht!

  9. Roman  pravi:

    And to B: I have a translation program:) Iam not a kid:) but maybe cute…

  10. simple  pravi:

    Lol, your translation program didn’t get it right then. :) B was giving you a compliment, and “poba” can also mean “a guy”. :D I use Google Translate a lot and sometimes I get pretty funny translations. :)

  11. Domen  pravi:

    Roman, warum nicht? Ich bin ein bad boy. ;)

  12. Roman  pravi:

    Mir gefällt “Sranje” besser, hat einen besseren Sound:)

  13. Domen  pravi:

    You want to say, dass Sranje klingt mehr künstlerisch? If you sagst so, ich beliewe dich, weil du ein Künstler bist.
    Regarding die thing, die du gefunden hast: deine Idee lookt very gut aus.


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