Prostovoljec Nacho iz Španije

Hi to everybody!

I’m Nacho an EVS volunteer on DIH and I come from Madrid, the capital of Spain. Spain is one of the ten countries around the world that allows same sex marriage and has the most progressive laws, cause they also permit adoption by same-sex couples. Same sex marriage and adoption were legalized under the legislature of PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party) under tha administration of the actual president, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, in 2005. Also, in November 2006, Zapatero’s government passed a law that allows transgendered persons to register under their preferred sex in public documents without undergoing prior surgical change. With that laws, LGBT people in Spain have equals rights than others. Because of that, i thought that could be very enriching trying to help to get the same in other country. And that’s the reason why I’m here doing my EVS.

About me: I’m 24 years old and I’ve finished my degree on Art History just before I arrive here. I love art in all its forms, from painting to music, passing by literature, architecture… and specially cinema. A part of my project here it will be refresh that blog with some articles of LGBT interest, and my own personal. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


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8 odgovorov na “Prostovoljec Nacho iz Španije”

  1. Gaber  pravi:

    Eres muy mono, dejame besarte!.? :P Hi, Nacho. It’s me – Gaber. ;) Great thing being a volunteer on Dih! For how long? Am… on the photo… why do you have your T-shirt on? ;)

  2. Domen  pravi:

    Nacho, don’t be afraid of Gaber, he’s a very good guy, pero ningún puede ayudarle. ;)

    I’m very proud of our Spanish brothers for they have made such a progress. Espero que último elecciones no va a cambiar eso.

    In Slovenia there is still so much to do. Necesitamos una gayquisición. ;) So, welcome to the sunny side of Alps (as we call our country) y no te olvides de disfrutar tiempo aqui.

    (Sorry, my Spanish is just so so, I can’t express everything so I used English too. But after some months your Slovene will be better than my Spanish. I’m already looking forward for our lessons. :D )

  3. Nacho  pravi:

    Hi Gaber, nice to meet you! I´ll be volunteering here for 9 months and about the other question, i usually wear T-shirt when i´m in the street…it´s a queer spanish tradition, i know it. ;)

  4. Nacho  pravi:

    Hi Domen! I´m proud of slovenian too, because you keep on fighting for your rights, and i know that it isn´t easy…

    I really hope too, that next election will not remove the way walked.

    I hope see u soon!


  5. tom  pravi:

    whatever. a lahko nekdo lektorira tole špansko angleščino za njim?

  6. Kitty  pravi:

    ^ No, no, mislim, da je dečko odlično opravil svoj prvi prispevek in z njegovo “špansko angleščino” ni prav nič narobe – napake pa se da kako pak z lahkoto ignorirati, ker niso življenjsko pomembne in so del človeka.

    Hey there -
    Gosh, 9 months seems like a long period of time to be away from one’s country ( tho’ a friend told me that 9 months is the best ( time-like ) way to get to know a country throughout the year – from a volunteerer’s point of view )- May I ask why you chose to volunteer in Slovenia and do you already know any phrases in slovene ( just asking out of curiosity – )? And art history is quite the hard-finding job, ain’t it? ( I’d actually want to study it one day myself, as I love art too – wanted to go to an Academy for Art … anywayzz – ) Well, I hope you’ll get attached to this small land of ours and that you’ll enjoy in the natural wonders the country offers ( in EVERY possible way that is ;D ).
    P.S. I hope you’ll be submitting posts on a regular basis, as I’m looking forward on reading them :)

  7. Nacho  pravi:

    Hi Tom, thanks for your support man!


    Hi Kitty!

    Nice to read you!

    Well, i chose Slovenia because i didn´t know too much about the country (and 9 months seems a very good chance to know it) and it seems a very nice place. And by the moment i don´t know slovenian but i´ll go take some lessons from July and i really want to learn it. And about art history…yes, it´s difficult to find a job but if you really like it, do it, that´s the only thing that it´s important.

    Thanks for the comment and hope to read you soon too. :)

  8. tom  pravi:

    what “support” do you need, mate?


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