Gay partying Ljubljana

Now it’s the time to write about my experience here and the first topic will be gay partying in Ljubljana. For a Spanish guy from Madrid are usual the gay parties because, as I think you know, we have a gay town in the center of the city called Chueca. There are a lot of bars, pubs and clubs opened every day (not so much crowded during the week, but you could find open places till 2 a.m.). The Ljubljana LGBT scene have only three possibilities, not so much, but Ljubljana is smaller than Madrid: Open, Tiffany-Monokel and Pink Party on K4.


 I think that Open is a very nice place, and a good point of meeting for the community. I really like it (and some others foreigners told me the same) because there you could find always someone known, and this is great for new people like me.

The first Saturday I was here I went to Tiffany’s gay pride closing party. The place is a little bit small, but you could have a lot of space outside and in the back side, and that’s cool. Also, you have the chance to change to Monokel and that’s a positive point. The music it was very commercial for me and this day was so crowded, but I really enjoyed it because it was my first going out in Ljubljana. And the more interesting point of this place is the cultural events that they organize during the week and I really like that.

 And the last one is Pink Party at K4. My first time there was last Saturday, the last Pink Party of the season. It was the most similar party to the parties you could find in Spain: a bigger place, crowded of people, two different dancefloors, electronic music (maybe too much remixes… sorry me but i´m a purist  )… It was interesting and funny, but it was empty very soon…maybe for the exams? I should to wait for the next season for know it…

Have fun and probably see you at that places!


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