This evening we’ll walk together

Jenni Vartiainen is one of the most popular singers in Finland right now. She became famous in 2002 when she and three other women won “Popstars” singing competition with their band. After the band broke she started her solo career in 2007. Her first album was called “Ihmisten edessä” and her second album, which came out 2010, was called “Seili”. Jenni Vartiainen got “Asiallisen tiedon omena (The Apple of Objective Information)”-prize from Seta, Finnish LGBT-organisation, because of her hit “Ihmisten edessä”. In this song she singing about how hard it is still for LGBT-couples to show their love in public.

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In the song Vartiainen is singing about lesbian couple and how they hold their hands in public. The name of the song actually means “in front of the people”.

After this hit Vartiainen has also made songs about risks in the internet (in the song she is singing how a man put private photos of her ex-girlfriend to internet). She has said she wants to sing about important topics and try to get people be more open-minded. “New things are just as scary as you want them to be. There is always a possibility to close your eyes and don’t even think anything new and strange. The other option is open your eyes and face everything new with open-mindness and smile” she once said.


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2 odgovorov na “This evening we’ll walk together”

  1. Domen  pravi:

    Nice but there could be some shots of (non-stereotipical) lesbian couples in the spot, or at least some shots of holding hands.

  2. Sanni  pravi:

    It’s true, the music video is quite simple… But in some sense I like it that way. You can see basically nothing in the video so you really need to listen the lyrics and think what lyrics are actually saying :)


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