Kako se “Želim si te!” reče po špansko?

Spanish sex language guide

With this guide you’ ll know the most used words and sentences related to sex in spanish (from Spain), all you need to know for have nice holidays there… :

Gay / Marica / Maricon – gay, fag
Lesbiana / Bollera / Tortillera / Marimacho – lesbian, butch
Trans / Transexual – transexual
Bi / Bisexual / Bi-curioso – bi, bisexual, bi-curious

[Špansko vas nauči Nacho. :P ]

Te deseo – I want you
Me pones cachondo/a – you make me get horny
Estoy cachondo / excitado / duro / palote (male) – I’ m horny / excited / hard
Estoy cachonda / excitada / humeda / mojada (female) – I’ m horny / excited / humid / wet
Estas muy bueno/a – you are very hot
Beso / Besame – kiss / kiss me
Puedo besarte? – can I kiss you?

Follar – to fuck
Synonymous: joder, echar un polvo
Quieres follar / echar un polvo? – do you want to fuck?
Quiero follarte – I want to fuck you
Quiero que me folles – I want you to fuck me

Polla – cock, dick .
Synonymous: pene, picha, falo, verga, pito, cipote, badajo, miembro viril,
Coño – pussy
Synonymous: vagina, chocho, chichi, chumino, toto
Culo – butt

Chupamela – suck me
Chupame / Comeme la polla – suck / eat my dick
Comeme / lameme el coño – eat / lick my pussy
Comeme/ lameme el culo (hazme un beso negro) – eat / lick my ass (make me a black kiss)
Dar por el culo – fuck the ass

Eres activo / pasivo / versatil? – are you top / bottom / versatile?
Tienes condones / lubricante? – Do you have condoms / lubricant?
Te gusta? – do you like it?
Te gusta asi? – do you like this way?
Follame mas / dale duro – fuck me more / harder
Corrida – cum
Correrse – to cum
Synonymous: semen, esperma, lefa, leche
Voy a correrme – I go to cum
Correte en mi cara – cum on my face

Ha estado bien, nos vemos – it was good, see you
Te quiero – I love you

If you miss any word/ sentence or simply you want to know more, just comment and i’ll answer you.


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10 odgovorov na “Kako se “Želim si te!” reče po špansko?”

  1. glavca glavca  pravi:

    Yes, I miss some words. :P

    What different words do you use for condoms?

    How do you say:
    Put a condom on.
    I only fuck safe/with condom.
    Have you ever tested for hiv?
    Are you negative?

    Can I be your slave, Master?
    You’re so sweet/cute. ;)

    Iztok K

  2. Domen  pravi:

    It’s interesting that cock (la polla) is of feminine geneder. :)

    However, from now on I know it’s called condón, not condom in Spanish.

  3. Domen  pravi:

    Oh, one more question: what about “te amo”? Does it sound pathetically?

  4. Nacho  pravi:

    To Iztok:

    Ponte el condon
    Yo solo lo hago con condon
    Alguna vez te has hecho la prueba del VIH?
    Eres negativo?

    Quiero ser tu esclavo/amo (I want better than can i…?)
    Eres muy mono


  5. Nacho  pravi:

    To Domen:

    Yes, you are right, condón :)

    I´m agree with you, it´s very interesting that dick is femenine gender and pussy is masculine.

    and about te amo, it´s not usual as te quiero, maybe because it sounds so intense…too much maybe, hahaha.

  6. Nacho  pravi:

    Oh! and the synonymous for condon:

    preservativo, goma and globo are the most common

  7. Domen  pravi:

    “Rad/a te imam” is more used than “ljubim te” in Slovenian too.

  8. Jack  pravi:

    Finally something useful on this blog… :)

  9. Nacho  pravi:

    Good to know it Domen :)

    And I’m glad that could be useful Jack

  10. Matex  pravi:

    awesome. =P


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