Reportaža iz Festivala v Parizu

Le Grand Bal a l’Echangeur, Festival Europeen des Anti-discriminations et differences
DIH in Paris
by Sanni Nieminem and Nacho Quintana

From the 26th to the 30th of October, DIH was invited to Paris for participing in the European Festival of the Antidiscriminations and Differences. The aim of the festival is the construction of the European identity from the diversity, from the differences. In this time, in the headquarter of Paris, the main topic was focused on the transgression of borders specially the borders of genders, in the body through the european trans performative art, and in the music through the concept of Bal developed for L’ Echangeur.

Sanni and Nacho in the Tour Eiffel.

Promotional poster of the Bal. L’ Echangeur.

La bande.

We arrived to Paris on Wednesday, and we toke advantage of the free day for have walk around the citysights, stopping for eat something in the Latine Quartier and walking across the riverside to end our walk in the Tour Eiffel. But we couldn’t go to bed before take a drink in one of the nice bars of Le Marais.

The best way to start the second day was having a nice walk from Pigalle to Le Sacre Cour, in the heart of Montmartre. In the afternoon we went to L’ Echangeur for know the people, take a contact with the place and start the preparation of the performances for the Bal. The atmosphere couldn’t be better.

Slam group compose by people from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Finland and Slovenia.

The next day we were working in the workshops and the performances, discussing on what and how to perform, working in our texts for the slam, rehearsal the open orchestra and finding the way for pass from one to another.

Nacho practicing the slam. Promotional poster of the Bal.

And finally the big event arrive: Le Grand Bal. The night started with a little conference about performative art in the topic of gender in France, a theoretical approach as introduction of our performances. the conference finished with the first slam opening the turns. After, the slams became into the beggining of the open vocal orchestra. The theatre started to be crowded of people looking for some dance. We also. The rest of the night was a go and back from one space to the other, dancing from salsa or rock, to folk or classic.

The conference.

Sanni during her slam.

Le dance.

The result was a wonderfull and magic night. So many different kinds of people and really many different kinds of music, sharing the same space and the same festive spirit. This was a really nice example of the diversity of Europe, this was its identity.


Festival Europeen des Anti-discriminations et differences

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