Mmm… finska kuhinja. Kuha Sanni.

Thin potato bread (12 pieces)

7 dl smashed potatoes, 2 dl water, 4 spoons of oil, 1 small spoon salt, 8 dl flour

Mix all ingredients. Share it to 12 pieces on sheet and make pieces thin make some wholes with fork. Put to oven (250 degrees) to 5-10 mins.

Beetroot Patties (10 pieces)

8 betroots (about 15 dl by grated food), 10 potatoes (about 6 dl by grated food), 2-4 onions, 2 dl flour, 1dl parsley, 2 spoons oil, salt, pepper

Grate beetroots and potatoes and remove extra liquid. Cut onion. Mix all ingredients. Make thick patties. Roast patties on the pan (put patties to an oven for a while for 200 degrees).

Sauce for patties: 3 dl of sour cream/ yoghurt, pesto, salt, pepper. Mix everything and leave for cold for a while).

Vegetables in the oven (for 5-8)

8 carrots, 1-2 swedes, 3-4 onions, 6 potatoes, 2 zucchinis, 3 pieces of garlic, olive oil, pepper, salt, other spicies (white wine)

Cut all vegetables for small pieces. Put everything else except zucchini to a pan. Add spicies, oil and water (wine) so liquids cover allmost all vegetables. Add zucchini after 15-20 mins. Put to oven (200 degrees) for 60 mins or for so long vegetables are soft.

Apples in the oven (5)

6-7 apples, 120g margarin/oil, 3-5 spoons cinnamon, 3 spoons sugar, 1 dl brown sugar, 2.5-3 dl oatmeal (vanilla sauce)

Cut apples for medium size pieces. Spread oil/margarine to pan. Put apple pieces to pan. Add half of the cinnamon cinnamon and little but sugar over the apples. Melt margarine and sugar, add some cinnamon and all oatmeal. Spill margarine-oatmeal- dough on thop of the apples. Put to oven (225 degrees) and wait till the apples are soft (about 10-25 min). Eat with vanilla sauce or vanilla ice cream

Sanni, Andrej Habjan, Iztok K

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