Spoznaj prostovoljca Andresa iz Španije


Hello everybody!!

My name is Andrés and I’m a Spanish boy who is going to work with your organization for a year. I’m 27 years old and I’m from Madrid, the capital of Spain. I studied Biology but I passed the last three years working as a Spanish teacher so I will introduce this beautiful language in your organization!!

I’ve always felt attracted by discovering other countries and cultures. I’ve lived in France and Germany and I really enjoyed these experiences so I decided to apply for a European Volunteer with your association. When Andrej announced me that I was selected I was really excited!! : )

I really love my profession but I felt that I need to learn different aspects of communication and organization of activities and I sensed I can do it with the help of your organization. Indeed, the activities beneficiaries is a group I’m a part of, so I’m going to make the most advantage of the time in order to help the LGTBIQ community in Ljubljana. In Madrid there is a very strong LTBIQ community. It exist a whole area where practically all shops and stores are orientated to this community. And there is a really nice tolerance and respect atmosphere in the city which is getting bigger so I can be proud of it (with certain exceptions, of course). So I’m ready to fight for this cause in your city.

Since I will have the opportunity of living in Ljubljana I will do my best to learn your language. I think it’s not an easy one so don’t start with a hard conversation. ; ) And I will be absolutely open to know your culture and traditions as much as possible. I was in Ljubljana in 2008 and I loved it, so I’m looking forward to living there and discover your lifestyle, even if it’s a little bit colder than my country. : )

I’ve moved in Slovenia on 1st October, so I will have the pleasure of meeting you very soon. I hope you will enjoy as well my presence in your organization.

With kind regards,
Andrés Pereira

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3 odgovorov na “Spoznaj prostovoljca Andresa iz Španije”

  1. Domen  pravi:

    Welcome to Slovenia. I hope you’ll have good time here. You gonna have some Spanish courses at Dih?

  2. Andrés  pravi:

    Hi Domain!
    I’ve just arrived to the association so I’m still adapting myself to DIH. But dont worry, just in a while I will let you know about learning Spanish! : )

  3. Matex  pravi:



Komentiranje iz tujine je omogočeno zgolj prijavljenim uporabnikom !