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On 18th October was the seventh International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization and the platform for the week activities for this event in Madrid wrote a manifesto for this reason.

This platform it is set up for different collectives and during the week the carried out from projections to round tables for discussing and the debating the actual status of transgender.
In Spain, it exists the right to choose the name in the official documents even before gender reassignment surgery, but it is really long and slow and it depends on the doctor criteria.

I wanted to show to you some of the ideas of this manifesto and ask you about the Slovenian transgender status in the society. And more specifically in the medical field.

» We reclaim, as the owners of our bodies, our TRANS identities out of the psychiatry manual. We do not want to be treated as a disturbed in gender community. We want to denounce the violence in our intergender and transgender bodies, our identity pathologization and the serious consequences of the medical procedures.

We want to feel, to live, to wear and to fuck as we please, escaping from the extremely marked structure of a capitalist regime, supported by a macho, sexist and patriarchal society.

Our exigencies are:

- The clinic guides and protocols not to be elaborated from a medicine who pathologize us excluding us, but from the participation and the dialogue with collectives and transgender people. We do not want anything about us without us.

- The stop of the budget cut work in the programs and health assistance for transgender public. We fight for a correct access to the Gender Identity Disruption Unities in the whole Spanish territory. (In Spain this unities give care to the transgender public).

- Quality training programs for the healthy professionals from their University education until a regular one, in order to guarantee an inclusive health care.

- Absolutely freedom to choose our names in our documents such ID, foreigner ID, health card, passport …. Without waiting the 2 years of medical treatment, neither the judge, as it happens nowadays with the current gender identity law. It disturbs our social, work, health and educational fields.

- The gender identity recognition of the migrant transgender straightaway without the delay for the Spanish nationality.

- Transgender children and old men and women we want to be treated according our gender in schools, high schools as well as in senior centers.

I will appreciate your comments about the transgender situation in Slovenia and your remarks about this topic.
Thanks and greets!!

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