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A global view to marriage between same sex people. 17 histories en 17 countries where this engagements are possible. In two of them (Mexico and USA) is only legal in a part of the territory.

“El País Semanal”, a weekly spanish magazine made a review of different homosexual married couples living in these countries. They explain their experiences, their plans and their fears. So we can have a wider idea of what does it mean for the LGTB community the achieve of the equality rights.

I read these histories and I found them very interesting. Knowing that in Slovenia you almost had your own homosexual marriage law. So I will translate these amazing and sweet histories for you. Today we star with my country, Spain. Enjoy it!

CARLOS Y EMILIO.SPAIN (by Carmen Pérez-Lanzac)

Trapo, the dog of Emilio Menéndez and Carlos Baturín, welcomes the strangers barking and pretending it is going to bite. Sometimes, even, he does. Then Emilio, who it really feels a strong devotion for, takes it in his arms and invites you to pet it. After this introduction, you will be safe from its nasty tamper… or so they say.

The couple (from Asturias, Spain for Emilio’s part and from USA for Carlo’s part) receives in his penthouse in the central street Fuencarral (Madrid), although they delay the photo moment because of the sun hitting in their terrace, and on top of that, their air conditioning is broken down.

So we decide to go down to have a chat in a terrace. When I ask them their age, Emilio says: “59… well, not, 58. I always go one year in advance because I want to retiring”, says this window dresser. Carlos is already retired and keeps silent about his age, though he concedes is much older than his husband. Pure coquetry. The couple met on 15th February 1975 in a coffee shop and then Carlos also did not say his age. “When I found it out, it was too late”, says Emilio smiling.

2005. PSOE (a middle Spanish political party) is on the verge of passing the homosexual marriage law. Both are watching for it. Law was passed on Sunday and this Monday, 4th July (Independence’s day in USA), Carlos went to the Register to hand over the documentation. “Next Monday we got married. We were the first in Spain, by coincidence”, says Emilio. The wedding day a hundred of journalists turned out and they got frightened. “You never know if you are exposing yourself to insults”, they relate. But finally they decided to face it “because of a responsibility issue”. Emilio’s mother, 88 years old, lived this moment sitting besides him. She passed away three years later. “Our lives have not changed”, Emilio starts. “We are conscious that we are a legal couple. Sometimes my family may had problems about how introduce Carlos. Now they say: he is my brother’s husband. It’s a nice emotion. Getting married is the final solution”. Many of their friends got married too and they see joyfully an increasing number of countries approving,
When PP (a right Spanish political party) took power, they were afraid of loosing what they had achieved. “Then one judge friend told us that the Constitutional Court had confirmed the law”, says Carlos. Emilio confess a resentment: the Catholic Church rejection to their marriage. He tried to apostatize unsuccessfully. “Well, everybody accept it, apart from bishops”, he ends with sarcasm.


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