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The history of canadien women Connie Buna (33 years old) and Taryn (32) is similar to so many other couple histories all around the world. The first one is a real state agent and the second one is town planner. They met through a common friend, and after some other comings and goings and some town and destination moving, which did not allow them to coincide in, they started a relation in 2010. Ans as so many other couples, after one year they decided to get married, by a road trip surprise proposal of marriage. Hopefully, they were in Canada, and in February 2013 they coul be able to get married in front of 180 guests in the Vancouver Ukranian Hall, Taryn’s hometown and where both oh them are living at present.

Canada was the fourth worldwide country and the first in North America which legalized the same sex couple marriage, in July 2005. “We are very fortunate to live in the city where we live”, Connie says. “The people are very progresist and openminded”. Nevertheless, in spite of good news, as Connie and Taryn mention, they still have a long road ahead: “We have a lot of transgender friends whose vulnerability situation is quite complex. We wish someday the world realize that we are all the same. We are all people”.


Vincent Autin, 40 years old, with a Commercial School Degree, worker in the Montpellier tourism office and Lesbic and Gay Pride Association in this town, got married with his partner, Bruno Boileau, 30 years old, civil servant, the 29th of last May. Their wedding was the first gay marriage celebrated in France history. After several months of disturbances, never endig parlamentary sessions marked by the filibuster right (who presented more than five thousand amendment); the catholic church offensive broadened by the conservative media ended generating a violent attack crush.

However on 29th of May Vincent and Bruno became a Marriage for everyone law symbol, an electoral promise of the socialist François Hollande which Justice minister Christine Taubira shaped.In the first three months, 600 homosexula couples got married in 50 different cities.

“France keeps being a laic country, but it was seen that the catholic traditional culture prefers Bible than the Republic, the religion than the rights”, Vincent Austin explains. “The protests have created many homophobic kids and youngsters”.


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