MARIANA AND MARTA. PORTUGAL (by Antonio Jiménez Barca)

In a nice, hight and illuminated appartment in the center of Lisbon, Mariana Martins (36 years old) and Marta Morgado (37) live there. They are married since 2011, one year after the same sex couple marriage law passing, in January 2010. It was not easy. The whole parlamentary left, which in that moment counted with the Assembly’s mayority, voted for it; the center­right, which nowadays rules Portugal, voted against it. This law needed indeed a Constitutional Court previous query to go to the street. Two days after, the weedings started.

Today is June. It’s very hot in the afternoon in Lisbon. Besides his two mothers, tireless, Matías chases cars and balls, a one year old boy who learns with the easiness that only kids have, the two languages spoken at home; portuguese and sign language, since Marta does not hear. They live together since 2005. But they needed this legal step before starting to have children. Not only in order to reduce legal and burocratic traps. Mariana claims also that it was simply a rights matter. “The one who gets married it’s the one who wants. But this one who wants and can not, is simply a discrimination target”, she adds sharply. Marta nods in silence.

They got married. It is true that they are a married couple. It is true, as Mariana says, that portuguese society accepts them without much problem, that their daily life passes placidity, and she uses as an example the recent registration of the kid in the nursery school: “The employee did not frown at all. He wrote the two mother’s names in a regular manner”, she explains.

But it is also true that there is still some things missing: Matías is the legal son of Mariana, now that it has not been yet passed this law for allowing the same sex couples to adopt together or share the children. The text is still in the Parlament, but these two women are suspicious and they are afraid of this being postponed indefinitely.

And time is playing against it. It has always done it. Meanwhile, they teach the two home languages to Matías and the two portuguese words used for mother: one is mai, this one the kid uses to address Marta; and the other one is mamã, and Matías keeps it for Mariana.


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