Danski primer: Michael in Ole (M. Carmen Voces)

Ole Santos (41 years old) and his husband, Michael (43), they got married in 2012, the same year that the same sex marriage became legal in Denmark. The passing of the law, which allowed the celebration of civil and religious ceremonies by the evangelic Lutheran Danish Church, was accomplished on the 15 and it turned Denmark in the eleventh country in the world to legalize it.

There were many requests since 2006 made by members of parliament in the Liberal Social party in order to pass a neutral gender marriage law. But Ole and Michael can remember that in the end of 2011, it was the turn up of the new minister of Equality and Ecclesiastic Affairs in Denmark, Manu Sareen, what gave the final push to its endorsement. It counted on 85 votes in favour and 24 against.

After three years together, they met a lesbian Danish priest. She influenced Ole and Michael to decide to have a religious ceremonial officiated by her. They never hid their homosexuality to their families, who supported their decision. They were always happy and convinced of what they were doing was the right thing. Indeed
they were the very first in their circle of friends in getting married in a same sex religious ceremonial, and not a civil one.

They are happy about the final recognition of the neutral gender marriage law in 2012. But they still consider that there is still a long way to walk for the completely equality for the same sex couples, specially in matters of adoption. Something that they are not thinking about in their personal life, but that affects to several of the married couples who want to adopt in Denmark. A country in which, they tell us, there are almost no meaningful differences between the capital city and the rest of the country in social acceptance of same sex marriages. Ole and Michael established themselves in an environment a bit far away from the Copenhagen down town and their adaptation and acceptance by their neighbours has been total.


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