Does sexuality need to be defined?

During the morning I’ve been reading some articles about MSM. Most of them were about HIV/AIDS, but that’s not the main purpose I want to write about now. Despite this fact, I realize most of the articles also spend too much time trying to explain why men have sex with other men. They point out some men have sex with another men just for fun, some find sexual release with other man more accessible, some are ‘gay for pay’ and get financial rewards, some just like anal sex but they’re ashamed to talk about it with their female partners. Even though we understand why they explain these reasons, does it makes sense? Is it needed to define everyone’s sexuality?

Since the moment we were born, we have to hold the huge responsibility of building our sexuality. Most people just decide to follow established sexuality and gender roles. Society and family force us to assume the main way of the understanding of sexuality: the ‘straight’ one. After that, everything has to be easier in a heteronormative world, you only have to adapt yourself to straight women or men tasks. Why do we follow their guidelines?

We should own our lives and build our sexual identity. We don’t label every sort of sexuality orientation, we only have to know what we want and why, without hurting anybody. We shouldn’t explain the whole world why we like what we like or who we love.

Just have fun, sex and love! (And don’t forget the appropriate protection.) ;)


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