Homophobia. It’s in our hands!

“A kiss. It was just a kiss. However, everyone was looking at them with a look of disgust or an angry face, as if it had changed their mood. I’m sure it was for them. After kissing each other, they keep walking, holding hands, regardless whether people were still staring at them or not.”

What’s the point? Why did people do that? Just because it was a gay couple. Just because not everyone can understand that love isn’t about a man and a woman, but a feeling towards another person, no matter what sexuality, gender, age, skin colour,… they are. Just because people don’t realise about their prejudices, because sometimes we don’t know we are the consequence of our education and decisions, and also our society and way of thinking are the result of the History.

It’s obvious that we can’t change our past, how we have been educated, but it’s our responsibility to decide what kind of society we are leaving to next generations, who we want to be, how the world will be and what kind of ideas we should eradicate. It is our responsibility to review and be aware of our thoughts. There’s no better way to start than breaking with homophobic behaviours and internalized feelings. Everyone should look over and start changing them.

Building a new world free of prejudices is up to us! Let’s go!

“The whole world goes on and on about love.

Poets spend their lives writing about it.

Everyone thinks it’s the most wonderful thing.

But, when you mention two guys in love,

they forget all that and freak out.”

Mark a. roeder

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