LGBTQI+ at school

“We have such a responsibility to guide our young

so that they don’t end up falling apart,

falling by the wayside, becoming insignificant”


However, it seems that we don’t even mind what’s happening in front of our eyes. We leave them fall apart They are dying and we’re all guilty, because we don’t do anything to prevent it and we’re accomplices of those murders not reporting what we see. We’re behaving like inactive observers seeing a dramatic theatre piece. Though we have the opportunity to stop all this cruelty and madness, we have decide to do nothing. Which are now our excuses? Please, don’t tell me that you found it funny somehow or these are just meaningless children jokes.

“Murder? Whom?”. Those might be your questions now, so I’m going to answer them, starting with the last one. Lot of LGBTQI+ adolescents ‘commit’ suicide because they have been suffering bullying due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. First of all, and answering now the first previous question, we’re not facing suicide commitment cases, but social murders, consequence of a poor, or nonexistent, sexual education in schools. We have no idea about what these kids and youngsters are going through. Society makes us think they have a problem, furthermore, they are the problem.

Changing this situation is in our hands and education is the only resource we have to battle and change this unacceptable situation. Stop that disgusting words, that bullying actions, put an end to discrimination. We have no time to waste, every person matters!

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