Society matters

Cambodia is an southeast asian country which is currently living a situation about LGBTQI+ rights that may seem odd for some of us. Cambodian policy and laws are changing in order to improve the actual situation of LGBTQI+ rights, and the government have finally decided to take part in that questions. Besides, the most relevant religion there is buddhism, which unlike christianism and islam don’t hold prejudices against homosexuality; Buda said love doesn’t distinct between gender or sexual orientation, everyone can love and be loved. In the same direction, different business are developing an increasingly number of alternatives to promote LGBTQI+ tourism. So what’s slowing down the improvement of these inspiring expectatives?

The right answer is family. We’re not talking about a concrete number of them, but family as a social institution which resists changes and influences in order to preserve traditions. Honour is an important value in cambodian families, which means you have to get married and have children to not dishonour your relatives. In addition to this, gender roles boundaries are strictly delimited which made lot of lesbians decide sexual transitioning into men to be accepted. Moreover many gays agree to get married with women to not tear family ties while keep having sporadic sex with men. Cambodian society tolerate this behaviours if they don’t affect the traditional family structure.

That’s why we must emphasise the relevance of society to be changed, seeking for an improvement in education and social rights. It’s unbearable that economics interests are achieving more successfully this LGBTQI+ goals than social policies do. And what’s more, we must realise that the definitive and real change in this field only can be reached from this latest.


Cuando solo Buda entiende

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