Becaming friend with Oxford

‘There’s still a lot of work to do, and there will always be’. That’s Alan’s motto, though it’s far, far away of being something pessimistic. Quite the opposite, it can be the best way to keep in our minds that we must work hard and never ever give up about our goals and aims in LGBTQI+ field. There will always be hands that need to be held, voices that need to be heard.

I had the opportunity to meet Alan and Harry last week in Oxford. They are the heads of Oxford Friend, an organization supporting LGBTQI+ people through counselling, which they do by phone, email or facebook. Though the situation of LGBTQI+ people in the United Kingdom is better than the rest of Europe, they always try to find those who are more vulnerable or in a risky situation. For instance, they have regular meetings with some prisoners, supporting and counselling them during the time they have to spend into prison.

When I thought I had been stuck in the same point of my research in LGBTQI+ field for months, I meet Alan and Harry and then they helped me open my mind. Thank you for the time we spent, the good vibes and the strength to keep struggling to reach an improvement of the LGBTQI+ community.

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